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Intramural Program Overview

The purpose of the Rockville Centre Soccer Club:

  • To foster, promote and encourage team participation in the sport of soccer among the youth of Rockville Centre as a means of building character and developing their interest in good health and mental well being so that they may be better prepared to assume their future roles in society.

  • To implant in the youth of Rockville Centre a love for the sport of soccer and through participation instill in them the ideals of loyalty, team play, and good sportsmanship.

  • To provide a supervised soccer league and competition in said sport. 

Within the Club, the intramural program plays a significant role toward the Club achieving its purpose.  The essence of the intramural program is captured in the motto "Learning While Having Fun".

Intramural soccer is all about learning in a way that is all about fun.  The goal is to introduce children to soccer and sportsmanship.  An emphasis is placed on teaching the fundamentals of soccer while fostering a love for the game and sports in general, a love that will hopefully last a lifetime.  The lessons of introducing children to the benefits of physical activity and of developing the confidence and creativity of children will serve them well beyond the soccer field.

The Intramural Division is a grade-based program starting with children entering kindergarten and continuing through to children entering 8th grade.  Each year, the program runs over two seasons following the school year calendar.  The first season runs from September into early November and the second season runs from late March or early April into June.  Children remain on the same team for the entire year and the registration fee enrolls the child for the entire year.  Boys and girls are separated at all grade levels of the Intramural Division.

Registration is conducted on-line in the spring for the following year.  The intramural year follows the school year with a fall season and a spring season.  The registration fee covers participation in the fall season and participation in the spring season.  Purchase of a uniform, consisting of a shirt, shorts, and socks, is an additional charge.  Players are encourage to wear the same uniform for more than one year and only purchase a new uniform as necessary.  Once the open registration period ends in July, registration is still accepted but a late fee is charged.  Every attempt is made to place late registrants on a team but placement is not guaranteed.  Teams are formed in late August, the fall season begins the weekend following Labor Day, and the spring season begins in early April.

Teammate requests are encouraged in kindergarten so children can start the program with a friend.  After kindergarten, intramural teams are balanced based on ability so teammate requests are not honored.  The purpose of balancing teams based on ability is to create an enjoyable experience on the weekends with teams competing against an equally matched opponent.  An added benefit is children meeting other children from throughout the community.

Grade Level Divisions
The basis for learning in the Intramural Division is that more time with the ball creates a greater interest in the game and increases a player’s skill level.  Starting in kindergarten, this method of instruction is accomplished by skills training coupled with playing “micro soccer”.  Micro soccer is small-sided 3v3 or 4v4 games that maximize the number of touches each player can have on the ball.  For each grade the rules evolve as the players develop.  In 1st grade, the players graduate to 4v4 games with kick-offs, goal kicks, corner kicks, and finally throw-ins.  For 2nd grade, the games are 6v6 and players are introduced to referees and the rule of offsides.  The evolution continues in 3rd grade with 7v7 games on a field marked with endlines, touchlines, midfield line, penalty boxes, and goalie boxes.  In order to emphasize development over competition, scores and standings are not kept for the Intramural Division and each player must play a minimum of 50% of each game.

In 4th grade, some players leave the Intramural Division to join the Travel Division but intramural soccer continues for many players.  The Rockville Centre Soccer Club participates with other local soccer clubs in an Inter-Town program, a wonderful program that provides a fun experience for all involved.  The Inter-Town program is divided into two divisions.  Fourth and 5th graders participate in the Junior division.  Seventh and 8th graders participate in the Senior division.  Sixth graders may participate in either division and the placement of 6th graders is dependent on enrollment.

Game Days
The soccer games for the intramural program are played over weekends.  The following is the expected times of games for Kindergarten through 8th grade.


Kindergargten:  Saturday AM Rec Center & Saturday PM Rec Center

1st Grade:  Sunday PM & Sunday PM

2nd Grade:  Sunday PM & Sunday PM

3rd Grade:  Saturday AM Wilson & Sunday AM Wilson 

4th-5th Grade:  Saturday AM Watson & Saturday PM Watson 

6th-8th Grade:  Sunday PM Tighe/Covert & Sunday PM Tighe/Covert 

Intramural coaches are asked to hold one practice per week. Coaches are instructed on field availability for practices but the time and location of the practice is at the discretion of the coach.

What You Need
Each player is supplied a game uniform consisting of a shirt, shorts, and pair of socks.  The parents are responsible to provide footwear, shin guards, and a soccer ball.  Molded cleats are the recommended footwear but sneakers are acceptable.  Kindergartners and 1st graders play with a size 3 soccer ball, 2nd and 3rd graders use a size 4 soccer ball, 4th through 8th grade players use a size 5 soccer ball.  Players should wear cleats and shin guards and bring a soccer ball and drink to all practices and games.  Parents are asked not to bring snacks to practices and games.

More Soccer
In addition to the fall and spring seasons, the Rockville Centre Soccer Club provides several additional opportunities for intramural players to enjoy the game of soccer.  These opportunities include tournaments, Kids Coaching Kids, and Community Camp.

The Jonathon Serota Memorial Tournament for 1st grade boys and girls is run every spring by the Rockville Centre Soccer Club.  This tournament is the first opportunity intramural players have to participate in a tournament setting.

Participating in an outdoor intramural tournament held in another town is an opportunity that the Club offers to intramural players in 2nd and 3rd grades.  The primary days for intramural tournaments are Columbus Day weekend in the fall and Father’s Day weekend in the spring. 

Kids Teaching Kids
For twenty years the Club has sponsored a FREE summer clinic during the last week of July and the first week of August. Our "Kids Teaching Kids" program is designed for all age groups. Players who have played with the Club at the high school and college levels serve as instructors.

Community Camp
In mid August, the Club conducts a mini-camp in Rockville Centre for our Intramural players. The program has met with great success. The program usually runs in the morning for all ages and abilities and the fee is reasonable.

We request that parents and guests at each match actively support the good play of all players on the field and that any parent wishing to participate, please join by volunteering your time to the largest youth sports organization in the Village. During the registration process, those parents or individuals who can commit to an hour practice session each week and a match on the weekend should volunteer to be a coach or assistant coach. Soccer experience is not needed to coach, training and support material is provided so that anyone will be prepared to coach a team.  Not only do we look for coaches and assistants, but we need help in many other areas.  If you have time and skills to offer to the Club then please contact us at

Youth Referee Program
Each season, the Club holds a Youth Referee instruction clinic for local children in 8th grader and above. Youth referees are taught the basics of officiating Intramural matches and the rules for specific age groups and are paid for officiating game.  Please keep in mind that our referees are children learning about officiating a soccer match. They put everything into their assignment and want to do well. Let’s teach and encourage sportsmanship through our participation along the sidelines. For more information contact Gary Kassl at

Division Structure
The Intramural Division is led by the Intramural Chairperson and grade-level Commissioners.  The Intramural Chairperson is elected by the Commissioners and represents the Intramural Division on the Rockville Centre Soccer Club Board of Directors.  The Commissioners select the intramural coaches, oversee the formation of the teams, create the game schedule, and handle the weekly responsibilities of running the program.  Parents should bring any issue that cannot be satisfactorily resolved by an intramural coach to the attention of a grade-level commissioner.  After the grade-level Commissioner, the Intramural Chairperson is the next level of escalation for an issue.  The Board of Directors does have an Arbitration Committee for issues that cannot be resolved by the Intramural Chairperson.  The email addresses of the grade-level Commissioners and the Intramural Chairperson are located on the Intramural Divisions web page. 

Refund Policy
The Club has the following refund policy for children who register for the intramural program and subsequently decide to drop from the program.  Up to and including July 31st prior to the start of an intramural year, the Club shall refund 100 % of an intramural registration fee.  Between August 1st and September 15th inclusive, the Club shall refund 50% of an intramural registration fee.  Starting on September 16th, the Club will not refund any portion of an intramural registration fee.

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