U11/12 Tryouts Announced - CLICK HERE

The Rockville Centre Soccer program will be hosting tryouts for our U11(2009) and U12(2008) teams for the 2019-2020 season, for both girls and boys. Please read below to get more information on the format.

All tryouts will occur at Tighe Field in Rockville Centre


Girls 2009 (U11 in 2019-20) - Tuesday, 18 and Friday, 21 June, 4PM-5:30

Girls 2008 (U12 in 2019-20) - Tuesday 18 and Friday, 21 June, 5:30 -7PM

Boys 2009 (U11 in 2019-20) - Monday, 17 and Thursday, 20 June, 4PM-5:30

Boys 2008 (U12 in 2019-20) - Monday 17 and Thursday, 20 June, 5:30 -7PM

Teams: We'll be moving toward a stable set of rosters for the year, where our goal is to provide a consistent trainer per team, and that trainer can be better engaged with each of the players on that team. We'll also have a better way to measure progress for teams and individuals that our trainers can provide to our players and parents that will be focused on growth within the sport, versus outcomes or records.

Movement: For these age groups, our leagues have flexible ways to allow players to move between teams temporarily in order to experience different play levels, as well as help fill gaps due to scheduling conflicts. Our trainers and coaches can leverage this mechanism to provide a variety of opportunities to players at all levels of our club. 

Training: The New York Red Bulls will be our trainers for next year, and we'll look to build our program and continue to find ways to raise the bar on training quality and player experience. As always, we'll be asking you for feedback as to how we can do that better. 

RegistrationOpen now! Please go to our website, choose Register to Play/Participate after loggin in, and register your player before 8 June if you intend to participate in the program for next season. the fee is $75, and will be credited to you if are offered a spot on a team (if not, you forfeit the $75). Please also note that there may be cuts, based on numbers we get, tryout results and our ability to field a viable roster per "level". We would also like to ask that if you do register for travel, that you're committed to the team for the duration of the year. We know that there are many conflicts and understand a periodic absence to balance commitments and can work with the exception, but it becomes both difficult for our coaches and trainers, and unfair to our players when we're piecing rosters together due to chronic absence (Spring especially).