Second Steps

2nd Grade Player Development Program

The Rockville Centre Soccer Club is offering Second Steps as a supplemental program for 2nd graders participating in Intramurals. The program provides our players with professional coaching to increase their technical and tactical knowledge and abilities. The three aspects of Second Steps are training sessions, match conditions, and tournament. The program runs in the fall and spring.  There are separate registration fees for the fall and spring so players can participate in the fall only, the spring only, or the fall and spring.  Refunds will not be provided for cancellations due to weather.

  • Training Sessions - Training sessions are conducted on a weekday with possible supplemental sessions on Saturdays.  
  • Games - Match conditions against teams from other NDP clubs that have partnered with the RVC Soccer Club.
  • Tournament - Participation in Columbus Day Weekend and Father's Day Weekend tournaments.


  • Attend Second Steps training sessions and scheduled matches.
  • Attend Intramural team training sessions and games.
  • Participation in Columbus Day weekend tournament.
  • Be prepared to have fun and learn while participating in a cooperative manner


  • Ensure the appropriate behavior of your child
  • Ensure player’s attendance at all scheduled program and Intramural activities
  • Support all aspects of the program and the coaching staff
  • Consider volunteering as a team parent at training sessions and contact person for communications - a parental volunteer is needed at each training session and scrimmage.
  • Tournament teams will be coached by parents so consider volunteering.
  • Follow appropriate sideline behavior during scrimmages. There is a zero tolerance policy for yelling at referees. Breech of this policy will result in forfeiture of remaining scrimmages.
  • Provide professional coaching for all training sessions.
  • Evenly distribute participation in match conditions between eligible players.

Registration is done online using the same system used for Intramural registration. Second Steps is found under the Development Program. Participants in Second Steps must also be registered for our Intramural program.

Your child will be assigned to a weekly 75 minutes training session. We will send you an email to confirm the training session details. We must have your email address in order to communicate with you. Player groupings and movement between groups for training sessions and games is at the discretion of the trainer.

While the program is open to all players, there is an expected level of commitment and focus on behalf of the players involved. The program is geared toward players seeking to advance their level of play.  Attendance at Second Steps training sessions is critical for players to improve.  Players must attend Second Steps training sessions, intramural training sessions, and intramural games in order to participate in Second Steps match conditions.  The Club will try to accommodate all registrations but inclusion in the program cannot be guaranteed.

The Rockville Centre Soccer Club has been dedicated to providing quality training and instruction to the children of our community throughout our history. Please contact us at with any questions regarding this program.