New Website Under Construction

Congratulations! You now have the ability to build content for the new Rockville Centre Soccer Club website. Please contact Erik Mangor at Demosphere for a WebWriter training session. His phone number is: 800-949-9440 x15. Erik will teach you how to use our content management system.
Miles Baker will be responsible for designing the graphics for the site. Any input regarding the layout, images, or graphics will be coordinated by Miles at Demosphere. Club logos, photos, or design ideas should be sent directly to him. We prefer .eps or .jpg graphical files. Miles can be reached at Extension 14 or
The design of the site will take place separately from developing the site structure and content. Once the design has been approved it will be merged with the content you have worked on in the background. This is the temporary content site. It will retain the basic Demosphere shell until the design is ready.